A good sign…

A good sign is a good thing for a small business.  It accomplishes the obvious:  It tells observers who you are, what you do or what you sell, maybe it also lets people know when you’re open.  A sign is a major piece of your business’ branding.  It often carries your logo, perhaps a slogan or tag line as well.  A good sign can drive good traffic into your store or brewery or restaurant or office. 

But a good sign also tells another story.  A good sign says about its business: “We care.”   It says to its customers: “You matter, and we want you to come here.”  It announces to the world: “This is what we stand for, and this is the attitude we want to convey.”  It’s a beautiful way to make a statement about who you are, what you are about, and what you have to offer. 

A good sign is particularly important in areas where many businesses are competing for tourists’ attention.   It’s helps snag the person who is in that “vacation brain” mindset – looking for new and different experiences, for things outside the every-day course of their life, for places to go and things to see that they otherwise would not encounter.

Why not take advantage of such a simple way to make such a bold statement?   An attractive, well thought out sign is your calling card to your customer.  Someone who may have never met you or your business before can be drawn in and become a life-long advocate!

On the flip side, of course, a poorly-maintained, confusing, or inaccurate sign says all the opposite things.  It definitely sends the wrong message: “Don’t come here.”  “We don’t care.”  “We don’t take care of things.”  People may even conclude that you aren’t open for business – if they don’t see any “signs of life.”

Your sign can go a long way toward announcing your status to first-time customers who may be on the prowl and interested in what you have to offer.  Take a look at your sign.  I mean, take a good hard look at it, through the eyes of a stranger.  Pretend that you are someone who hasn’t looked at that sign every day for years.  Is it clean and bright?  Is it standing upright, straight and proud?  If it’s lit – are all the lights on?  Are the letters clear, and big enough to read?  Are they all there?  Does it say what you mean to convey?  If it gives your hours, are those really still your hours? 

If you are a seasonal business, you can take advantage of your sign year-round, making it an opportunity to thank your customers for a good past season, and anticipate the next with a welcoming message.  How about “Thanks for a great summer, see you in April?”  Your sign can continue to proudly carry your statement to the world, even when you aren’t open, maybe when you aren’t even in the mountains.

Check out our Wall of Fame for some great examples of good signage here in 28777. And if you’ve got a great sign – let us know and we’ll post it on the Wall of Fame and tell the world: “Here’s YOUR sign!”