Welcome to 28777 – Located (mostly) in Spruce Pine, NC!

Spruce Pine is a little town found in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  The North Toe River runs right through it!s downtown. Downtown Spruce Pine has two (count ’em, two!) Main Streets – Oak Avenue and Locust Street.  Once you get to hanging around here for awhile, you start to call them Upper Street and Lower Street, ‘cuz well,  it just kinda makes sense.

But 28777 has also got some outlying “lunatic fringe” elements that aren’t “downtown. ” Like Hwy 226 – that runs from downtown, past two shopping centers, the hardware store, the ABC store, the WalMart, and then deposits you right at the Visitors Center at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway… at milepost 330. 

And there’s 19-E, (Siri will call it Nineteeny) which will take you West through Burnsville to Asheville or East through Linville and on up to Boone.  This is a great route for daytrips – and will only get better as 19E becomes a visitor-friendly four-lane road. (And that’s getting closer by the day!)

Altogether, we make up 28777 – and we want folks to come see us!  Come for a local festival; relax over a meal at one of our of local restaurants; ooh and aah at the beautiful locally crafted art available at Toe River Arts gallery. Shop at the eclectic, one-of-a-kind specialty shops you can only find here in the mountains – we know you’ll find a stellar experience to call your own.


A good sign…

But a good sign also tells another story.  A good sign says about its business: “We care.”   It says to its customers: “You matter, and we want you to come here.”  It announces to the world: “This is what we stand for, and this is the attitude we want to convey.”  It’s a beautiful way …

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